I'm Jaison Justus, Interface Designer based out of Bengaluru.

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Todo Tab

A privacy-first todo list for those who spend most of the time with the browser. Featured on Hacker News & LifeHacker Japan.

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Case Study: Building Todo Tab

11 Oct 2017 • todo list • privacy • interface • design

An article about the story behind building Todo Tab, a todo list extension for your browser. – Read more


Atomic Forest

Pshychedelic • India • 1973 - 77

Atomic Forest stands as the only Indian psychedelic/hard rock band that managed to record an album: Obsession '77. They jammed with Led Zeppelin and performed at the Snehayatra Festival ‘The Indian Woodstock'. This album is fuzzy, groove and funky enough. Atomic Forest's is an unsung band in Indian who can depict the underground scene of India in the 70's. If you are not a fan of Psychedelic, but I suggest, listen to the first track of this album. I don't have any words to describe the energy of the song, the drum and the lead will blow you away, better you hear it.

Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat

Charanjit Singh

Acid House • Fusion • India • 1982

This record is a remarkable piece of the history of music. You can call this album as the spark that led to the existence of Acid House. An excellent collection of fascinating and mesmerising songs, built with a combo Roland TR-808 drum machine, TR-303 bass synthesiser and Jupiter-8 synthesiser. By having the historical value, this record is one of the most valued that ever sold on Discogs.

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