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What's Interesting About Flanging?

19 Jun 2018 • music

Flanging is one of the most used sound effect in electronic music. Especially when you listen to techno, or hard trance tracks you can hear this effect. So what is this effect? It's an whooshing jet plane effect made by mixing two identical signals together, and one signal with delay and changes the period gradually. And the machine which produce this effect is called a Flanger. But the interesting fact about flanging is, this effect was invented by a Beatles engineer. While double-tracking John Lennon's voice he accidently rubbed the flange of the tape reel.

An Excerpt from a Mail

14 Jun 2018 • design • inspiration

“… Even if the stuff described in those books is not always directly applicable, it helps having studied them, because it helps developing a truly unique viewpoint - ‘your own’ way of thinking about the problems that you have to solve.

I observe the people here doing a lot of experimenting and throwing away, Oliver always says that a good designer is ego-dead, that is that he is detached from his work in a way that he can throw stuff away liberally without feeling bad about it. Most people I know here are not too much into learning online by following design forums and stuff. Talking with people directly (even if they are not designers), testing stuff on your mother and then re-thinking it based on the input you got seems to be a more fruitful approach. Sometimes, posting the wrong answer online to get the right one helps too :) …”

One of the Finest Camera Work

23 Mar 2018 • inspiration

I found a video on youtube during random scouting, a fight sequence from a Tamil movie called Kalam Vellum, released in 1970. What amazing about the video is the camera and direction. Most of the camera angle in the sequence are unimaginable, and being in the 70's I really appreciate the person who took these shots. Also the edits, straight sharp cuts. It's hard to explain how thoughtful the visuals are; It's a dramatic fight sequence. I think you better watch it.

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