Coding Style for Javascript

10 Feb 2013

"For us code is our poetry and its our privilege to make it beautiful and readable.”


Function and Variable Naming

Convention Table

Type Convention Description
Files filelistview.js All word should be in small letter, use _ as a filelisttpl.html delimiter between words.
Variables/Functions fileObject Write variables and functions in Camel Case addUserDetails()
Constants MAXUPLOADLIMIT Constants in capital letter
Public vars/funcs addUserDetails() In a module if we write public variables/functions like this helps the user to understand its safe to consume the functionality.
Private vars/funcs _addUserDetails() Putting underscore to the variable/functions in module help the user who going to implement the module to under stand this method is a private and make no sense in implementation outside the method.
Modules/Constructor FileListView Write module/constructor names in Pascal Case.


Braces must always be in the same line of the function definition.

function toOpenWindow(window) {

Inline Functions

function valueObject(value) { return { value: value }; }

If-else Construct

if (window) { window.focus();}
else { window = new Window(); }

Code Style

Always put else on its own line, as shown above and don't use else after return, i.e.,

if (x < y) { return -1; }
if (x > y) { return 1; }
return 0;

Loop Construct

Return Statement

return { shouts : "Barbeque Time" };


Commenting a Variable or Logic block

/* Retrieving user details for authentication. */

UserModel.findOne(email, "*", function(err, user) {
 // ...

Wrap the comment line with in 80~85 words like.

/* File Descriptor represents the vital information
about the file like name, type, size and also have
the file object. */

_fileDescriptor : {},

Commenting a Function


 * Method to add file descriptor to file list.
 * @param {string} name
 * @param {string} type
 * @param {int} size
 * @param {object} file
 * @param {boolean} safe
 * @return {array}

function _addFileDescriptor(name, type, size, file, safe)    {
 // ...
 return fileList;

Commenting a Module


 * Module to handle the file list rendering and broadcasting
 * events regarding the view. This module is tailor made to
 * support FileView.
 * @module FileListView

define(['jquery', 'underscore', 'backbone', 'fileview'],
 function($, _, Backbone, FileView) {

 var FileListView = Backbone.View.extend({
   // .......................

 return FileListView;

Coding Style Guide For JQuery

"Spaghetti is Tasty. But Spaghetti in your code is not that Taste.”

Use method chaining beautifully

It’s important to remember that most methods will return the jQuery object. This is extremely helpful, and allows for the chaining functionality that we use so often. Ehich also reduces DOM Traversing.

$( "ul.first" )
  .find( ".foo" )
    .css( "background-color", "red" )
  .find( ".bar" )
    .css( "background-color", "green" );

Avoid giving long DOM query strings.

In case of query string cascading, try to make the it simple and utilize the .find() method. Which give more readablity to code.

/* Bad practice. */
$('.header__wrapper .header__button_login').hide();
/* Good practice. */

Event Registering.

Use .on() instead of .bind() and .live().

    .on('click', '.header__button_login', function() { /*…*/ })
    .on('click', '.header__button_cancel', function() { /*…*/ });

Reduce DOM Travesring inside loop

Try to a reduce dom traversing/operations inside loops like .each()

/* Bad Practice. */
var listElement = $('.header__listA)
    secondListElement = $('.header__listB);

listElement.each(function()    {
/* Good Practice. */
var contentArray = [],
    listElement = $('.header__listA)
    secondListElement = $('.header__listB);

listElement.each(function()    {


Only and Only one entry point.

Remeber to enforce that a page should have only one etry point to javascript.

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