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  • Wireframing Kit v3 for Adobe XD – Bring the prototyping power of Adobe XD into wireframing, Download the Wireframing Kit Now! And start creating clickable wireframes faster and better.

  • Reviewers to the Rescue – How to learn design faster.

  • Updating Todo Tab to v2.0.0 – Release notes about the Todo Tab's new update.

  • Case Study: Building Todo Tab – An article about the story behind building Todo Tab, a todo list extension for your browser.

  • Remembering Facemash – Facemash is one of my all time favourite project. Even after two years of the project, I'm still proud of it. This article is all about the story behind the project. I'm Dedicating this article to all my friends who supported me!

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Todo Tab

A privacy-first todo list for those who spend most of the time with the browser. Featured on Product Hunt & LifeHacker Japan.

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Save everything from the web! Chapi helps you to save any type of content like text, images and webpages to a personalized space and help you recollect quickly when you required.

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