Wireframing Kit v3 for AdobeXD

create clickable wireframes faster and better.

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02 Oct 2019

Components Available: alert confirm, alert prompt, avatar, blockquote, breadcrumb, primary button, secondary button, inline button, captcha, card, area chart, bubble chart, bar chart, donut chart, line chart, pie chart, plot chart, gauge, checkbox, code snippet, color picker, data tables, dropdown, file uploader, label, ordered list, unordered list, loading, map, marker, toast notification, pagination, audio player, video player, calendar popover, list popover, progress bar, radio button, heart rating, star rating, segment control, slider, social share, tags, text area, text input, tool tip, world map and WYSWYG.

Wireframe kit v3 component collage
Fig-1. – Wireframe kit v3 component collage
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Previous Releases

  1. Wireframe Kit v2 - released 08 Feb 2017

  2. Wireframe Kit v1 - released 20 May 2016

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